The Organisation of Sierra Leonean Healthcare Professionals Abroad


Current membership

TOSHPA has a total membership of 50 as of October 2008, comprising:

  • Seven Medical Doctors,
  • One Nutritionist,
  • Thirty Nurses,
  • Nine Middle Healthcare Managers, etc.
More information will be available soon.

Executive Committee Members

The administration of TOSHPA will comprise the following officials:

1. Chairperson
2. Vice Chairperson
3. Secretary-General
4. Vice Secretary-General
5. Treasurer
6. Assistant Treasurer
7. Policy and Planning Officer
8. Assistant Policy and Planning Officer
9. Diaspora Network Officer
10. Assistant Diaspora Network Officer
11. Social and Publicity Officer
12. Assistant Social and Publicity Officer
13. People Development Officer
14. Assistant People Development Officer

For more details, click constitution.

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