Charity registered in England & Wales. Reg No: 1130854. Motto: "Working for healthier communities."

TOSHPA members at their first luncheon sale, a fundraising activity in London on 17th June 2017.

TOSHPA Chair giving a talk about the importance of Sierra Leonean healthcare workers to join TOSHPA and contribute to the improvement of the health services in their mother land. Hit here for more information and photos.

Nixon Memorial Methodist Hospital in Segbwema, Eastern Province of Sierra Leone.
Skills and knowledge transfer voluntarily by the TOSHPA Chair, teaching the 2nd and 3rd year State Enrolled Community Health Nursing students (SECHN) on Friday 12th May 2017. Click here for details and photos.

TOSHPA'S Thanksgiving service at Bermondsey Central Hall Methodist Church, London on 4th December 2016.
Click here for photos.
Also TOSHPA, a member of the UK Sierra Leone Health Partnership (UKSLHP), attended the conference on strengthening of Sierra Leone's health system post Ebola. The Chief Medical Officer Dr Brima Kargbo, Deputy Health Minister Mrs Madina Rahman and NGO Coordinator Mr Yaya Conteh from Sierra Leone were speakers.

Award for"Outstanding Achievement and Promotion of Public Health"- 12th November 2016.

TOSHPA Chair Elizabeth Conteh given an award by the Christ The Kings College (CKC) Alumni in the UK
on 12th November 2016 for "Outstanding Achievement and Promotion of Public Health". Click here to see photos at the bottom of that webpage.

DEMAC Diaspora Humanitarian Workshop in London on 30th September 2016
DEMAC ends Phase I of the Diaspora humanitarian workshops in London on 30th September 2016.
There were presentations from some organisations' Leads including TOSHPA Chair Elizabeth Conteh. For more details and photos,
please hit workshop.

United Artists' Community Excellence award September 2016
TOSHPA was awarded the"Outstanding Contribution to Health Care" award at the United Artists' Community Ecellence awards dinner and dance in London on 17th September 2016. Please click photos for more details.

First World Humanitarian Crisis Summit in Istanbul, Turkey
TOSHPA Chair, Elizabeth Conteh, was a participant at the First World Humanitarian Crisis Summit in Istanbul,
Turkey from 23rd -24th May 2016 through the Diaspora Emergency Action & Co-ordination (DEMAC) project.
Click photos for more information.

World Humanitarian Crisis Consultation Summit in Geneva
TOSHPA Chair, Mrs Elizabeth Conteh, attends the World Humanitarian Crisis Consultation Summit in Geneva between 13th and 16th October 2015, with Mr Ade Daramy, Chair of Sierra Leone United Kingdom Diaspora Ebola Response Taskforce. Nomination was made by AFFORD following TOSHPA'S Diaspora response in London during the Ebola Crisis in Sierra Leone. Click here to view photos.

Non-communicable Diseases Awareness Workshop in London
TOSHPA addressed Non-communicable Diseases at a workshop in London on 24th October 2015, to raise awareness of the increase in the incidence rate contributing to high mortality rate in Sierra Leone. Diseases included High blood pressure, Diabetes, Mental health illness, Lupus, Sickle cell disease and Inappropriate use of medications and outcome of Research on Diasporas response to Ebola outbreak. Click photos for more info.

TOSHPA JustGiving Web Page
TOSHPA's post Ebola Crisis project is the installation of hand washing facilities in Sierra Leone to implement effective Infection Prevention and Control to save lives, starting with Bo Government Hospital. The charity has now got the JustGiving page for charitable donations. Please click the JustGiving link to go to the web page.

Also in 2015, TOSHPA donated socks to girls at three orphanages in Freetown, Grafton, Joe Town and SOS. For more information, please click activities.

Sierra Leone Health Care Workers abroad.

Here is a report of the Sierra Leone Health Care Workers' Mapping in UK, Canada and USA (just click this link to download the report). Please take sure you read the Executive Summary of the report.
Click for information about the Commonwealth Nurses Federation.

Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa- Guinea, Sierra Leone etc.
Public Health England (PHE) has worked in collaboration with TOSHPA UK to produce fact sheet, mainly to educate the Diaspora about their responsibilities in preventing disease and the importation of disease into the UK. Please click Ebola fact sheet for more information.

"Innovation in Health" Panel Discussion: held on 05th Sept, 2014
at the Sierra Leone High Commission, London. Mrs Nana Fofana-Kajue (TOSHPA Diaspora Officer) was on the panel and spoke on Health and Infrastructure. Click Innovation in Health to view photo, hit to go to the wesite for more details.

TOSHPA is a member of the Sierra Leone UK Diaspora Ebola Response (SLUKDERT).
If you are interested in teaching or know a school/ college/ university teacher/ lecturer please inform them about the education event. Education Beyond Ebola, took place on Saturday 7th March 2015, 11:00- 15:30.
For more information about the event, click the link:

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