Important Activities undertaken include:

Year 2009

  • Dinner and dance- June 2009
  • AGM held in September 2009
  • Thanks Giving Service on 18th Oct 2009
  • Another AGM held in November 2009
  • Funraisingdinner and dance in June 2009

    Year 2010
  • Annual Buffet and Dance on 03rd July 2010 with huge success. Click here to see photos.
  • Thanks Giving Service on 24th October 2010
  • TOSHPA Thanks Giving Service on 07th November 2010
  • TOSHPA Adiddas
  • Check photos for 03rd July 2010 Annual Buffet and Dance in London.
  • Hit photos for 2010 Thanks Giving Service in London.

    Year 2011
  • Women's 5K Challenge2011. View photos.
  • TOSHPA donates ECG machine to nurses in Serra Leone- June/ July 2011. Click photos for more.
  • Dynamic and charismatic TOSHPA Chair,

    Elizabeth Conteh, was guest speaker at the jubilee conference of Sierra Leone Nurses and Midwives Associations
  • in Sierra Leone: 12th-15th May 2011.
  • TOSHPA Chair records blood pressure during health-fair project in Sierra Leone on 14th May 2011. Click photo.
  • Annual Thanks Giving Serviceheld in London on 23rd October 2011 was successful.
  • Annual Dinner and Dance in London
    on 02nd July 2011 was also highly successful.
    Hit photos for more details.
  • TOSHPA Launched in Sierra Leone:
    Between 12th and 23rd May 2011, TOSHPA was launched in the five district headquarter towns of Sierra Leone
    and Freetown, the capital city.

The launching ceremonies highlighted the Awareness Campaign against Hypertension and Diabetes.
Click photo for more.

  • TOSHPA participated in Adiddas Women's 5K Challenge2011. Check photos.

Year 2012
- Annual Fundraising Dinner and Dance 2012:
held on Saturday, 7th July 2012, at St. Mary’s Banqueting Hall, 305 Camberwell New Road, London SE5 0TF

- TOSHPA attended the Commonwealth Conferernce in London: 10-11 March 2012.
Delegates were Elizabeth Conteh (Chair) and Hectoria Thomas.

Year 2013
- Hypertension and Diabetes Prevention Health Fair in the Mountain District near Freetown and a review of effectiveness of health education on Hypertension and Diabetes prevention in a town in rural Sierra Leone in 2011 with further screening.

Year 2014
- UK and Sierra Leone Health Partnership working conference in London 15th March 2014.
- May 2014 further teaching in Nursing school
- Donation of an infant weighing scale to a health centre in Charlotte village.

TOSHPA chair teaches student nurses on her holiday as Diaspora volunteer May 2014

TOSHPA Chair Elizabeth Conteh at Sierra Leone Midwives celebration day on 5th May 2014.
She co-chaired the event with the Deputy President, Matron Roselyn Momoh.

TOSHPA at the October 2014 Imported Malaria Prevention campaign seminar in London.
TOSHPA at the October 2014 Imported Malaria
Prevention campaign seminar in London.

TOSHPA donates ECG machines.
TOSHPA donates ECG machines in Sierra Leone.

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